What determines the price of medal production and medal customization?

medal production and medal customization

How to effectively reduce the cost of medal production and reduce the cost, cost, price, and cost of medal production, medal making, and medal customization, then analyze what the medal customization cost includes.


1) The size of the medal: the larger the size or the heavier the medal is, and the more expensive the unit price will be.

2) Medal electroplating: for two-color electroplating, the process is more complicated, and the price will be higher.

3) The medals are colored: according to the color, the more colors are, the higher the price will be.

4) The medal's ribbon is priced according to size and length.

5) Laser engraving: special requirements of laser engraving also need to be charged.

6) The medal's assembly, packaging, logistics, loss, and other expenses.


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