Custom Imitation Hard Enamel Baseball Glove Catch Badge Lapel Pin Club Promotional Souvenir Branded Merchandise

This charming baseball glove lapel pin is made from high-quality zinc alloy material, with a surface colored using imitation hard enamel, showcasing bright, vivid colors that realistically capture the essence of baseball. The badge design is inspired by the classic image of a baseball glove holding a ball, both cute and full of athletic spirit. Available in two color designs, with darker black stitching and silver stitching to highlight differences and individuality. The dual-pin butterfly clasp design ensures easy attachment to clothes, hats, or bags, adding vitality and fun to your daily attire or badge collection. Baseball, originating in 19th-century America, symbolizes teamwork and perseverance, with the spring and summer baseball seasons thrilling countless fans each year. This custom baseball series badge is the perfect accessory for baseball fans and an excellent choice for commemorating the baseball season. ASNY Craft Factory specializes in producing and customizing such sports memorabilia badges, ensuring each piece precisely showcases its unique design and commemorative significance. Whether as prizes for baseball events, fan memorabilia, sports event badges, or gifts and collectibles, this badge will be the best choice to display your passion for the sport and your style.

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Material(s): Zinc Alloy

Process(es): Die Casted

Design/Pattern(s): Baseball Glove with Stitching; Baseball

Color Technique(s): Soft Cloisonne

Surface Treatment(s): Polished

Logo(s): Not Applicable

Logo Technique(s): Not Applicable

Size(s): 38mm * 45mm * 2mm

Color(s): Brown; Orange; White; Silver

Plating Option(s): Silver

Accessory(ies): Butterfly Clutch

Package(s): Plastic Bag; Paper Box; Leather Box; Velvet Box; Acrylic Box; Tin Box; Blister Packing; Organza Bag; Wooden Box; Velvet Bag; Acrylic Display Box; OPP Bag + Paper Card; OPP Bag; Zipper Poly Bag; Custom Packaging Available

Usage(s): Sports Event Awards, Promotional Items and Souvenirs; Custom Baseball Club Merchandise; Custom Badges and Lapel Pins for Baseball Fans; Cultural and Artistic Event Souvenirs

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