Custom Personalized Gold-Plated Baseball Pendant Necklace for Sports Events and Club Souvenirs

Welcome to ASNY's meticulously crafted custom baseball-themed necklace series for clubs and events. This necklace combines rich history with modern craftsmanship. Each piece is made from high-quality brass material and shaped through exquisite die-stamping techniques, ensuring durability. The gold plating gives it a unique luster, reflecting refined taste and elegance. The necklace features a recessed logo design (logo lower than the metal surface) with the number "30" engraved, paying homage to the history and theme of baseball, showcasing a dedication to detail.This necklace is not only ideal for daily wear but also serves as a promotional and commemorative item for sports events and club merchandise. ASNY offers customization services to create unique sports event and club promotional items or souvenirs tailored to client designs and needs, ensuring distinctive recognition in any crowd. Whether worn personally or given as a gift to friends and family, this baseball necklace is an essential choice. ASNY Craft Factory ensures that each product perfectly embodies the client's design and needs, showcasing its unique charm through precise craftsmanship and design.

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Material(s): Copper

Process(es): Die Stamped

Design/Pattern(s): Baseball; Number 30

Color Technique(s): Not Applicable; Color Depends on Plating

Surface Treatment(s): Polished

Logo(s): 30

Logo Technique(s): Indented (Below Metal Surface)

Size(s): 25mm * 2mm

Color(s): Not Applicable; Color Depends on Plating

Plating Option(s): Gold

Accessory(ies): Necklace

Package(s): Plastic Bag; Paper Box; Leather Box; Velvet Box; Acrylic Box; Tin Box; Blister Packing; Organza Bag; Wooden Box; Stand; Velvet Bag; Acrylic Display; OPP Bag + Paper Card; OPP Bag; Zipper Poly Bag; Custom Packaging Available

Usage(s): Custom Baseball Event Club Merchandise Promotional and Souvenir Items; Custom Production of Sports Event Badges, Pins, Keychains, Necklaces; Decorative Wear; Identification; Honor and Awards; Gift Giving

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