Custom Zinc Alloy Baseball Event Medals with Antique Gold, Silver, and Bronze Plating for Sports Clubs with Blue and Yellow Ribbon

This baseball event-themed club medal combines classic baseball elements, made from high-quality zinc alloy, showcasing premium quality and exquisite craftsmanship. Produced through 3D die-casting techniques, the central elements like the baseball cap, bat, and field are vividly detailed, perfectly capturing the essence of baseball. The raised logo design enhances the medal's three-dimensional effect and depth, making the emblem more prominent and enhancing the overall visual impact. The medal, with a diameter of 63.5 mm and a thickness of 3.5 mm, has a hand-polished surface for a bright, refined finish. Available in antique gold, antique silver, and antique bronze finishes commonly used in events, it celebrates different levels of achievement. The medal comes with a high-quality blue and yellow ribbon, enhancing overall aesthetics and functionality.Custom-made medals are ideal for celebrating baseball victories, whether for individual honor or team achievements. ASNY Craft Factory specializes in producing and customizing high-quality medals, meeting diverse customer needs through precise craftsmanship and design. Besides the traditional 76 cm ribbon length, ASNY can customize various sizes and designs to meet different event requirements. This medal showcases ASNY Craft Factory's excellent production standards and unique design style. Therefore, for sports events, commemorative activities, or honor awards, choosing ASNY for custom medals is the ideal choice.

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Material(s): Zinc Alloy

Process(es): Die Casted

Design/Pattern(s): Baseball; Baseball Glove; Baseball Bat; Baseball Cap; Baseball Field

Color Technique(s): Not Applicable; Color Depends on Plating

Surface Treatment(s): Hand Polished

Logo(s): Not Applicable

Logo Technique(s): 3D Relief

Size(s): Diameter 63.5mm; Thickness 3.5mm

Color(s): Not Applicable; Color Depends on Plating

Plating Option(s): Antique Gold; Antique Silver; Antique Bronze

Accessory(ies): Custom Ribbon

Package(s): Plastic Bag; Paper Box; Leather Box; Velvet Box; Acrylic Box; Tin Box; Blister Packing; Organza Bag; Wooden Box; Stand; Velvet Bag; Acrylic Display; OPP Bag + Paper Card; OPP Bag; Zipper Poly Bag; Custom Packaging Available

Usage(s): Custom Baseball Sports Event Medal with Ribbon; Custom Production of Sports Club Merchandise Promotional and Souvenir Items; Custom Design Medals for School, Corporate, and Group Events; Awards or Incentives for Corporate, Social, and Cultural Activities

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