Baseball Fan Collectible: Enamel Number 34 Pitcher Jersey Keychain

This enamel number 34 pitcher jersey keychain is a must-have for every baseball fan's collection. Made from high-quality zinc alloy through injection die-casting, it features a lifelike jersey shape with vibrant red enamel and a prominent number 34 engraving, vividly recreating the classic ballpark scene and stirring excitement. Every detail of the jersey keychain showcases admiration and respect for the pitcher. This keychain is not only a practical accessory but also a symbol of baseball spirit, whether attached to a keychain or a backpack, it proudly displays your baseball passion. The meticulous craftsmanship ensures the keychain's texture and durability, with hand-polished surfaces for smoothness and fine enamel work for lasting color. The product offers various color choices, with classic red being particularly striking. Nickel plating is used, with a 30mm double ring for ease of use and sturdiness. Various packaging options like plastic bags, paper boxes, and leather boxes are available for customized packaging according to customer needs. This number 34 pitcher jersey keychain is suitable not only as a personal accessory but also for luggage tags, bag charms, and more, ideal for social events, cultural activities, gifts, and souvenirs. Let this keychain become a precious part of your baseball collection, commemorating your love and support for the sport.

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Material(s): Zinc Alloy

Process(es): Die Casted; Die Casted

Design/Pattern(s): Baseball Jersey with Full Buttons, Cuffs, and Collar

Color Technique(s): Embossed Soft Enamel

Surface Treatment(s): Hand Polished

Logo(s): 34

Logo Technique(s): Embossed Soft Enamel

Size(s): 30mm * 45mm * 2mm

Color(s): Red; White

Plating Option(s): Nickel

Accessory(ies): 30mm Double Ring Keychain

Package(s): Plastic Bag; Paper Box; Leather Box; Velvet Box; Acrylic Box; Tin Box; Blister Packing; Organza Bag; Wooden Box; Velvet Bag; Acrylic Display Box; OPP Bag with Paper Card; OPP Bag; Zipper Poly Bag; Custom Packaging Upon Request

Usage(s): Baseball Event Souvenirs and Gifts; University Sports Organization Nameplates and Merchandise; Custom Club Commemorative Items; Custom Production of Keychains and Keyrings

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