USA Flag Baseball Themed Badge: Patriotism and Sports Combined Enamel Hat Pin Badge Merchandise

This custom-made USA flag baseball-themed badge for baseball games, with its unique design and exquisite craftsmanship, perfectly combines patriotism with a passion for baseball. The badge cleverly integrates the outline of the USA map with crossed baseball bats and the star-spangled banner background, symbolizing freedom and unity. Every detail showcases a love for the USA and baseball, made from high-quality zinc alloy through precise injection molding and hand-polished for a smooth finish. The enamel process gives vibrant and lasting colors to the red, blue, and white of the flag, ensuring it stands out in any setting. The double pin back design ensures secure wear, suitable for various clothing and accessories. This badge is not only a beautiful decoration but also a symbol of love and loyalty to the USA and baseball. Whether given as a gift to friends or kept as a personal collectible, this badge adds unique flair to your hat, clothing, or accessories, showcasing your individuality and taste. Designed for baseball fans and patriots, this badge is suitable for social events, cultural activities, gifts, and souvenirs. Various packaging options like plastic bags, paper boxes, and leather boxes are available to meet different customer needs. Customize this unique badge to make it a part of your collection, expressing your passion for baseball and your country, and showcasing your unique personality and taste.

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Material(s): Zinc Alloy

Process(es): Die Casted; Die Casted

Design/Pattern(s): American Flag on US Map Outline; Crossed Baseball Bats

Color Technique(s): Embossed Soft Enamel

Surface Treatment(s): Hand Polished

Logo(s): Not Applicable

Logo Technique(s): Embossed Soft Enamel

Size(s): 32mm * 38.1mm * 2mm

Color(s): Red; Blue; White; Black

Plating Option(s): Nickel

Accessory(ies): Butterfly Clutch

Package(s): Plastic Bag; Paper Box; Leather Box; Velvet Box; Acrylic Box; Tin Box; Blister Packing; Organza Bag; Wooden Box; Velvet Bag; Acrylic Display Box; OPP Bag with Paper Card; OPP Bag; Zipper Poly Bag; Custom Packaging Upon Request

Usage(s): American Baseball Event Promotions and Souvenirs; American Flag Derivative Products; Baseball Club Merchandise and Gifts; Custom Patriotic Commemorative Products; Custom Production of Badges

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