Meet Expo 2030 - Saudi Arabia's Pride and EXPO Merchandise and Souvenirs

Saudi Arabia Wins Vote to Host 2030 World EXPO


EXPO 2030 (Arabic: إكسبو 2030( is an upcoming World EXPO organized and sanctioned by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), set to be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This prestigious event will span six months, starting from 1 October 2030 to 31 March 2031. Riyadh's selection marks it as the second Arab city to host the EXPO after Dubai EXPO 2020.


Riyadh's Winning Announcement


On 28 November 2023, the 173rd session of the General Assembly of the BIE announced Riyadh as the host of EXPO 2030, securing 119 votes against Busan's 29 and Rome's 17.


Saudi Arabia's selection has triggered an unprecedented wave of jubilation nationwide. The country is basking in an atmosphere of joy, marked by celebratory events, active social media interactions, and the radiant glow of city lights.


Saudi Arabia Riyadh host the World EXPO 2030

Anticipation for Riyadh EXPO 2030


With Saudi Arabia securing the hosting rights, anticipation and excitement for Riyadh EXPO 2030 have reached new heights. This has led to the emergence of RIYADH EXPO 2030 badges and souvenirs as symbols of the spirit of the EXPO and the diversity of Saudi culture.


Businesses have launched a range of creative products, from badges and keychains to nameplates. These items not only add dynamism to the preparations for EXPO 2030 but also allow people to participate in the festive atmosphere.


Craft and Souvenir Factory's Role in the Celebration


ASNY Craft Factory is at the forefront of new celebration from the experience of making UAE Dubai EXPO 2020 souvenirs, offering a range of high-quality, creatively designed RIYADH EXPO 2030 merchandise. We're proud to be a part of this historic event, providing fans and supporters with a tangible piece of history. Our products are not just souvenirs; they are emblems of a nation's pride and a testament to Saudi Arabia's growing role on the world stage.