Several points that are easily overlooked in the process of making pins and badges

badge making process

There are many craftsmanship for badge customization, including pure gold, sterling silver and copper gilding craftsmanship, craftsmanship including oil pressure, die casting and corrosion making craftsmanship, and the surface has imitation enamel, lacquer and glue drop craftsmanship. They are also can be customized on request. Here are some of the most overlooked aspects of the badge making process.


First, the positioning is not clear.

From the very beginning, many users did not know whether their company needed to customize a commemorative micro badge or a suit badge, suit brooch, and suit chest badge that only needed to be worn on the collar of the suit. This question is very important, because the commemorative badge has commemorative significance and has many different production processes and requirements, while the badge on the chest collar of a suit requires "fine, fine, high, strong, and delicate", and it is produced during the production process. The craftsmanship is also quite sophisticated.


Second, the size is not accurate

Most customers simply do not understand the expression and wearing style of the badge, a nameplate product. In fact, the most important thing is that no matter where the badge is worn, no matter what occasion it is used in, it must not be separated from the company's VI system and CI-oriented identification project. standard. Because the size of the badge, the specifications of the badge, and the size of the badge are not accurate, too large, it is very ugly and unsightly, and too small, it becomes a small point and can't express anything.


Third, the quantity is not accurate.

The number of badges is inaccurate. If you do not know the final number of badges ordered, you cannot fundamentally and effectively control the production cost of badges, the quotation of badges, and the price of badges. In badge procurement, you cannot have absolute control over the price of badges. Advantage. Here because the production cost of the badge is completely determined by the number of pricing power. The more the quantity, the cheaper it is. On the contrary, if the quantity is too small, the badge production price will be higher.

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